Did you see the question above? I hope you answered ‘No!’ But you'd be surprised how many people do want a near-carbon copy of another site. 

Often, people don’t think beyond having a brochure site that’s little more than an extension of their business card. Or, they don’t know where to start with building a site to attract new clients. 

What people don’t realise is that most websites do a terrible job of bringing in paying customers.

Once you’re aware of that, you’re halfway to solving the problem, because you know you need to do something different to get noticed. You need to speak to visitors on THEIR terms. Turns out, it isn’t about YOU after all.

Don’t worry, you can still get your point across and you can still be professional. You’ll also be more authentic. 

In fact, I’d argue that by adopting a different approach than 95% of other businesses, you’ll stand out as a beacon of honesty and integrity in your industry.

The trick with marketing and sales copy is to: 

  • grab the attention of your ideal customers 
  • hold onto it long enough to gain their trust 
  • and convince customers, without being aggressive, to call you, buy, or sign up to your offer 

Sounds simple and intuitive, doesn’t it?  

But most websites and marketing materials don’t do it very well. Because, in reality, it’s far from simple. And, for most people, the process is anything but intuitive. 

That’s why so much marketing come across as either too bland or too salesy. 

You can’t hit a target if you don’t know where it is

To grab attention, hold onto it, and persuade people to take action, your marketing needs to have a focused message. One that’s targeted with pinpoint accuracy. 

The TARGET of your message is your ideal customer. The FOCUS should be what your ideal customer wants — hopefully something you can provide in spades.   

So, before you get started, be specific about WHO your ideal customer is and WHAT they want. Then you’ll be able to use your copy to meet them where they are (psychologically speaking) and they’re going to love it!

It seems obvious, but few businesses do it. Most fall at the first hurdle by banging on about how brilliant THEY are, rather than joining in with the dialogue that’s already going on in their customers’ heads. 

Are you ready for some good news? 

If you can be clear about who your ideal customer is and what they want, your copy can be a powerfully creative vehicle. One that also provides customers and clients with full information about your product or service and all its benefits, while making it clear whether it’s the right product or service for them. 

In brief, your copy will:

  • appeal to the strongest pain points or desires of your ideal visitor (they’ll be amazed you seem to know them so well)
  • subtly engage their psychology and emotions (they’ll begin to identify with you, hanker after your product, and trust you to deliver on your promise) 
  • convert a fair proportion of them into paying customers (and strong advocates for your product or service)

That way, everybody gets what they want — and everybody goes home happy. Job done.

But you're unlikely to achieve it with marketing that looks and sounds like everyone else’s. 

Would you like to get clear on:

  • Who your ideal customer is?
  • What they want? And what they really want (dig a little deeper and you’ll uncover it)?
  • How you can help them get it?

Well then. Contact me and tell me:

  1. WHO you are. I don’t mean just your name or the name of your company — I’d really like to know something about what makes you (or your company) tick.
  2. WHAT you do. And WHY. Don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be an essay — just a few words about what problem you solve and what motivates you. 
  3. What’s SPECIAL about your product or service.

That’ll be a great starting point. 

And then, together, we can use your answers to figure out what your marketing needs to say, and how to say it. So you’ll have copy that’s uniquely yours and appeals effortlessly to your ideal customer. Does that sound good?

If you love doing what you do as much as I love writing copy, it’ll be a blast. 

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