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Recent Copywriting

Copywriters are like chameleons. They adapt their style to suit the occasion. (Though to be fair they don’t usually have swivelling eyes, stereoscopic vision and scaly skin.) 

Unlike chameleons, however, good copywriters help their clients to stand out – rather than blend in. 

Are you after the equivalent of a party dress? Or your best bib and tucker? Or how about some seriously buttoned-down workwear? 

Click on the portfolio below to see pieces from my recent copywriting wardrobe. Some crackle. Others pop. None will lull clients or customers to sleep. All are aimed squarely at making the sale.

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote for copywriting in a similar style to any of these, or for a completely different approach to suit you and your business. 

Raw Hope pitch card for World Vision

Be honest. Do you avoid chuggers? l’ll admit I sometimes do. Perhaps it’s time we stopped averting our gaze? We stand to gain far more than we give. In rewriting the pitch card used by canvassers for the Raw Hope campaign on behalf of children’s charity World Vision, the aim was to inspire regular monthly donations from passers-by on the street. So it’s a quick read and gets straight to the point. Simple language, conversational sentence fragments and short paragraphs build the argument for how the public can help and why they should. The copy is forthright and optimistic, based on the premise that being asked to give should feel good. The words are hard-hitting and emotional but never mawkish. Be warned: the piece includes details about the shocking events of two young girls’ lives.

Handmade Wooden Boxes by Neil Martin

Search-engine optimised website copy for the home page and six category pages. Targeting design-focused customers, the site starts a conversation with readers about Neil’s ethical approach to contemporary design, highlighting the features and benefits of his handmade wooden boxes – all made from sustainably-sourced timber. Testimonials, images and captions reinforce the copy throughout. Within a few weeks, the home page was ranking high up on page 2 of Google for an extremely competitive keyword.

Chartered Building Surveyor in Maidstone, Kent

Straightforward, unfussy copy for a professional services microsite to help communicate the genuine, no-nonsense philosophy of this Chartered Building Surveyor, reflecting his personality and positioning. The tone is confident and market leading, laced through with a belief in better value surveying services. I took care to include local SEO optimisation. As a result, the site quickly appeared on the first page of Google for several relevant search terms and continues to climb steadily up the rankings.