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Feeling unhappy with your marketing material? Wish you could make it snap? Can’t decide what to focus on or where to start?

You need a copywriter who can fix that. One you can rely on for a writing style and an approach exactly right for the occasion. 

In short, you need the verbal equivalent of a chameleon (but without the eye swivel or scaly skin :–)

Copywriting samples with chameleon appeal

If you’re wrestling with a marketing campaign, you need a copywriter to dig out your inner chameleon to find a fresh angle. 

An angle that makes you shine. Whether you’re producing a website, emails, press releases, social media, blog posts ... or any material that needs to represent you, your product or your service with clarity and confidence. 

Are you after copy that’s the equivalent of a party dress? Or maybe your best bib and tucker? Or how about some buttoned-down workwear? 

Then get a copywriter who can think and feel. 

One who puts the focus on your message and the customers who need to hear it. 

Who can distil the essence of your brand, transforming it from straightforward to engaging and inspirational – every time. 

The idea is to communicate your purpose in a way that makes you distinctive, without coming across as distinctly annoying. (I am a copywriter, but I’m not crazy.) 

Your difference makes you valuable ...

That’s why it’s time for some chameleon copy to represent your business – in all its true colours. Using words that give you a memorable voice and verbal identity, without hyperbole or slippery sales jargon. All delivered on time and to budget.

Click anywhere on the portfolio below to see a few samples from my copywriting wardrobe. 

... so your copywriting needs to show how you’re different  

Some pieces are short, smart, snappy. Others have more narrative sewn in, for extra SEO oomph. All are designed to achieve results over and above the objectives of the brief.

And the aim of every piece? To build confidence in your message, trust for your brand and empathy from your readers.

You may be wondering how much my copywriting costs. I work for myself so you won’t get slapped with agency rates. A professional copywriter probably costs less than you think. Simply ask me for a quote

It’ll save you the embarrassment of having to don a reptile suit or speak in outdated sales banter. I promise. 

Raw Hope pitch card for World Vision

Be honest. Do you avoid chuggers? l’ll admit I sometimes used to. Perhaps it’s time we stopped averting our gaze? We stand to gain far more than we give. In rewriting the pitch card used by canvassers for the Raw Hope campaign on behalf of children’s charity World Vision, the aim was to inspire regular monthly donations from passers-by on the street. So it’s a quick read and gets straight to the point. Simple language, conversational sentence fragments and short paragraphs build the argument for why people should help. The copy is forthright and optimistic, based on the premise that being asked to give should make people feel good. The words are hard-hitting and emotional but never mawkish. Be warned: the piece includes details about the shocking events of two young girls’ lives.

Handmade Wooden Boxes by Neil Martin

Search-engine optimized website copy for the home page and six category pages. Targeting design-focused customers, the site starts a conversation with visitors about Neil Martin’s unique contemporary approach to design, highlighting his ethical stance as well as the features and benefits of his handmade wooden boxes – all made from sustainably-sourced timber. Testimonials, images and captions reinforce the copy throughout. Within a few weeks, the home page was ranking high on page 2 of Google for an extremely competitive keyword. It’s now on page 1 of Google for the same keyword, hovering between No.3 and No.5 of the organic results, perfectly poised between internet giants Etsy and eBay. Now that’s a result!